1. Green Dot Visa Debit Cards

    The the past eight years, I have used a prepaid debit card for the majority of my banking needs.  I love the low fees and there is no ability to go overdrawn…which means you do not have pay the overdraft fees.  I was so bad about going over by $1 or $2 with my bank account and then having to pay a $30 fee.  Really?  I just paid $35 for a few snacks at the gas station.  Ugh!  The Visa debit card was my prefect solution.  The Green Dot Visa debit card is accepted in all of the places I use on a daily basis.  I can use it just like I would my normal bank debit card.  It is so easy and saves me so much money.  

    I wasn’t sure if I could trust a prepaid debit card that you can purchase at the store, but I haven’t been happier.  I’ve had it for years and it has been amazing and saved me so much money in fees.   We have our paychecks direct deposited to our prepaid card and load money onto it at the store.  I love that if I need to put money on my card, I can go to Walmart at any time and they are open.  I don’t have wait for the bank to open.  I can go and add money at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon and it’s fine, no worries.  Walmart is always open!

    My kids are getting older and are starting to understand the importance of money and saving.  Instead of just handing them money, I am going to give them a Visa prepaid debit card to be able to track their money.  They can then have their own “bank account” that we can see how their money is being spent and track how much they have available.  It’s a great way to teach them about the importance of saving and keeping track of their accounts without the worry of them going into overdraft.  I would much rather them be at a register and get denied for the purchase than to have it approved and then end up with a huge fee because they didn’t have the money on the card.

    Whether you are looking for a card to help you manage your money in a easy way or want to help your children learn to manage their money, a visa debit card the perfect way to get started.  You can purchase your starter card at more than 50,000 retailers nationwide!

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  2. DIY: Paper Star Wreath {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}

    It is the 23 Days of Handmade Christmas!  Please check back daily to see what amazing items we have for you to create!

    handmade christmasDay 4 - Wreath

    I decided to show you this cute 3-dimensional star wreath.  It is really easy and you can use scrapbook scraps to create it.  I used a package of scrapbook paper from Walmart that cost $0.98.  It was exactly enough for this project!


    • Scrapbook Paper
    • Wreath base..I used foamboard to create a rectangle….this could easily be a circle as well….or you could purchase a chipboard base.
    • Hotglue gun and sticks
    • Bone Folder or if you don’t have one (like me) I used it ghetto fabulous and used a ruler and a bobby pin
    1. Cut out your stars.  I just traced one from the Internet and then cut it from card stock.  I used 5 inch stars.
    2. You want to score each star with your bone folder.  If you don’t have one, you can do what I did.  :)  This gets ghetto fabulous, but it works!  I used a ruler to make sure I had a straight line and scored it with the rounded end of a bobby pin.  You want to score from each point to the opposite side.  They should all cross in the middle.
    3. You will now fold each of your stars so they get the 3-dimensional look.  Just fold on each line you scored and it will allow the star to slightly pop up.
    4. Now you will lay out your wreath base.  You can use a premade base or you can just create a base with foamboard.  I love foamboard because you can make it any size or shape you would like.  I went with a rectangle shape this time, but you can really use any shape.  Try something different, a heart, a star even.  Whatever you would like.
    5. I did one base layer of all of the bluish colored stars first to cover most of the foam board.  I then layered all of the various colored stars on top of them.
    6. At this point you can stop and be ready to hang it up or you can add embellishments to the stars.  I wanted to add little tiny sparkly somethings but couldn’t find anything that felt right.  Now, if you are doing a rectangle like I did, it would be really cute to add a a big bow and maybe use the ribbon to hang something in the middle.  You can really show your off creativity with this one.  The stars give you a lot of flexibility to show off your personality and style.
    I hope this Star Wreath helped to give you some inspiration to create something beautiful!  Now go see the amazing wreath created by Amanda of Midwestern Moms!


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  3. Karma Quotes

    I am a firm believer in Karma and what goes around comes around.  If you treat others badly, bad things will happen to you.  Of course bad things happen to good people, but I think overall, if you treat others well, good things will happen to you.  Here are some quotes I found about Karma….enjoy!

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  4. I’m a ninja! No, but for real, I’m a ninja!

    While at the bus stop, I meet a lot of parents.  While talking to one of little girls’ moms I found out she was a photographer…and not just any wanna-be photographer..like a PROFESSIONAL.  She had stuff in Italian Vogue!  Are you serious?!?  Well, I asked her how much she would charge me to do some headshots or something for my blog…she says, let’s do it!  So I we went back and forth deciding what to do….and decided an actual ninja photo would rock!

    I went out and bought a ninja costume and we met at my house to take this photo.  She did an amazing job!   Look, I’m a for real ninja!  I love it!  Look! I’m kicking a piggy bank!  Look at all the high-tech stuff around me…..I love it!

    Please go take a look at Rebecca Massey Photography!  You will be amazed at her photos!  

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  5. DIY: Fort Kit - Kids Gift {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}

    Thrifty Ninja has partnered with Midwestern Moms and Randomosity to offer to the 23 Days of Handmade Christmas!  Please check back daily for a new craft or recipe!

    handmade christmasDay 3 - Boys Gift

    I decided to show you how easy it is to create a really fun gift that is perfect for boys (or girls for that matter!)  Kids love to create forts.  This kit is super easy to put together.  You can use things you already have around the house to create this gift.  Personally, I went to Goodwill and the Dollar Tree for ALL my supplies.  Let me show you how easy it is…..


    • Old t-shirt you can cut up
    • Rope
    • Large Clips
    • Flash Light
    • Sewing machine
    First you want to create the ties for your large sheet.  I laid out my t-shirt and cut strips.  You want 8 strips in total.  I cut four of these then cut them at each end to create my 8 strips.
    Pull each piece to make the sides curl in.
    Fold each tie in half then sew one on each corner.  Then add a tie halfway between each corner on all four sides.  This will give you a total of eight ties around the sheet (aka fort).
    Now you just need to add your accessories.  I added rope, large clips and flashlights.  You could also add in clothespins and glow-in-the-dark sticks.  Put all of these in a pillow case to keep together!
    Now that you’ve seen my gift idea for boys, please visit Amanda at Midwestern Moms for an amazing Dinosaur Hoodie and Sadie at Randomosity to see their amazing ideas!

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  6. Zarbee’s Natural Nighttime Cough and Sleep Drink {Review}

    The cold weather is here, so that means so are the coughs and colds!  I’m just waiting for my kids to get their second case of the bad coughs.  We already had one round, but round 2 is just around the corner, I already know!  I recently learned about Zarbee’s, which is an all natural nighttime cough and sleep drink.

    About Zarbee’s All Natural Cough and Sleep Drink: 

    Zarbee’s is an all-natural, drug-free, over-the-counter nighttime cough remedy proven safe and effective for children two years of age and older.  It is made from antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey, which recent clinical studies have shown is more effective at relieving coughs associated with colds and upper respiratory illnesses than Dextromethorphan (DM) or diphenhydramine, the two most common ingredients in over-the-counter cough medicines.  In addition to buckwheat honey, it also contains immune-boosting Vitamin C, Zinc, elderberry and a small amount of Melatonin, which research shows safely and naturally helps children fall asleep.

    My thoughts: 

    I love that this is all natural.  I can actually read the ingredients without being lost with long words that take up two lines each.  When my kids are sick this next time, Zarbee’s will be the first thing I give them to help suppress their cough and sleep well.   I know that so many people think that when a child is sick you have to load them up on cough meds, but even my pediatrician says they don’t do anything but temporarily stop the cough.  I love that Zarbee’s has just a small amount of Melatonin to help them sleep.  Sleep is the best answer to feeling better.

    Zarbee’s products are available at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Albertsons and Meijer stores nationwide. Zarbee’s Nighttime Cough and Sleep Drink, which comes in a powder form that mixes with soothing warm water, sells for a suggested retail price of $8.99 for six doses.

    Be sure to “Like” Zarbee’s on Facebook for new product information, specials and MORE! 

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  7. Cane Expressions {Review}

    A walking cane is something that is necessary for so many people.  Using a plain cane can become boring.  This is where Cane Expressions comes into play!  They have created a new way to show off your style while using your important cane to get around.  I was sent 2 Cane Expressions (in Camo and Denim) to review.

    About Cane Expressions: 

    Cane Expressions™ recently answered the demand from their customers by adding new colors and prints as well as a shimmer sleeve and an upscale beaded sleeve for a more dressed-up, formal look. It’s not just for women – men using canes are enthusiastic buyers of the denim and camouflage versions.

    The cane sleeves are made from a stretchy, durable and machine-washable fabric. Price depends on the style with the color and print covers retailing for around $10. The elegant, beaded version designed for special occasions or the more artistic user (pictured below at right) retails for around $50. Cane Expressions™ has been well received in the senior community where budget can be a concern. It also makes for a practical and inexpensive gift for a family member or friend.

     cane expressions


    My thoughts: 

    I think the Cane Expressions are so neat!  Both my father and father-in-law use canes on a daily basis.  I get sick of seeing the same, boring cane….so these are great!  Just slip it over the end and it shows off a little of their personality!   They are made well and the colors are really bright.  These are a great gift for any one that you know that uses a cane!

    You can purchase Cane Expressions online at Walmart.com, Drugstore.com, Wayfair.com and Amazon.com!

    Cane Expressions are available in a wide-variety of patterns and colors.  Pricing starts at just $9.99!

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  8. DIY: Yarn Star Ornament {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}

    We are on Day 2 of the 23 Days of Handmade Christmas, along with Amanda of Midwestern Moms and Sadie of Randomosity!

    Day 2: Ornaments

    handmade christmas

    I decided to show you a really easy ornament that you can make or you can have your child help with.  They will need an adult to use the hot glue, but most could be done by a child.  Some of the glue may be done with normal school glue, but I suggest using hot glue to hold on the hanging ribbon to ensure it does not come loose.   I decided to make these after shopping at Target over the weekend and seeing these for sale.  I was really surprised they were almost all sold out and knew I could easily replicate them!


    • Cardboard, just a piece large enough for your star.
    • Scrap ribbon, I used 8 inches
    • Yarn
    • Hot glue gun and sticks
    • Scissors
    • X-ACTO knife
    Trace your star onto the cardboard.
    Use your X-ACTO knife to cut out the star.  If you don’t have one, you can try scissors…but I like how much easier it is to get a clean cut with the X-ACTO.
    Carefully remove your star.
    Glue the ribbon to one of the points of your star.  I glued one end on each side.
    After much trial and error, I found this to be the best way to cover the middle of the star without it being big and bulky.  I just laid strips of yarn over a little hot glue.  The ends don’t need to be perfect because they will be covered by the yarn as you wrap the points.  You just want to be sure your strips cover the full middle area.
    Now it’s time to start wrapping! Put a bit of hot glue in the top, center of one point and put your yarn on top.  You want to be able to wrap the yarn around the very tip of the point.
    Continue wrapping the yarn around the point.  If the yarn begins to move, you can always put small dots of glue every so often to keep it in place.  When you get to the middle, you can bring the yarn across to the opposite side.  You want to end up with a star shape in the middle.  After you wrap the opposite point, you will be at the very tip of the point.  Cut off the yarn and put a small dot of hot glue to hold it in place.  I put the glue under the yarn so you can’t see it, but it holds in place well.
    Continue wrapping each point and across the middle to make the cute star shape in the center.  At this point I took it outside and  sprayed mine with glitter spray to add a little sparkle to it.
    Now hang your star on the tree and look at the beautiful ornament you just made!
    I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make a star ornament!  Now please visit Midwestern Moms and Randomosity for more ornament ideas!

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  9. DIY: Christmas Advent Calendar {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}

    The countdown to Christmas is on!  Here is an easy, inexpensive advent calendar that you can fill with anything you’d like.  With 3 kids, I had to figure out something I could use for all of them in one.  Each of these cups is large enough for me to put 3 items in each one!  Here is a tutorial to get you set up!


    • Foam Board
    • Party Cups (I used red and green)
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Lots of fun stuff to fill them with!  Candy, party favors, etc.!
    • Circle Cutter (makes it easier, but not required, you can just use scissors to cut them out)
    • Glue Stick
    • Hot glue gun and sticks
    • Embellishments
    advent calendarFirst you want to cut out your circles to fit on the top of your cups.  You can either use a circle cutter like I show above, or you can just scissors.  If you are using scissors, just use a cup to trace the top opening then cut around.
    advent calendarFill your cups with little things that the kids will receive each day.  I stopped at the Dollar Tree and picked up little pieces of candy and toys from the party favors section.
    advent calendarBefore gluing the circles on, you may number them.  This isn’t a necessity, but I like to be able to see how many days are left.
    Use your glue stick to put a good layer of glue around the edges of each circle to attach to the cups.
    Put the circles on each cup as you go.  Allow them to fully dry before going to the next step.  Make sure you keep checking them as they dry to ensure the paper doesn’t lift up at all.  I had to reglue some of mine.
    Add hot glue around the bottom edges of each cup and glue in place.  Make sure you have them lined up before you put it down because you won’t be able to move them.  From here just add your embellishments and you are ready to go!  Let your kids open one cup a day.  They can do a kind of, punch game out of it.
    Now that you’ve seen my Advent Calendar, please visit Amanda at Midwestern Moms and Sadie at Randomosity to see their amazing Advent Calendars!  

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  10. Spotlight: Wholesale Hair Bows and Tutus

    Whether you are a boutique owner, addicted to bows or need a LOT of bows/tutus, Wholesale Hair Bows and Tutus has what you are looking for.   You are able to purchase bows and tutus in larger lots at a discount compared to normal boutique pricing.

    Nearly all of the items available on Wholesale Hair Bows and Tutus are handmade.  You can put in an order for various bows or tutus, as long as your order is at least $25!  If you purchase at least $75 worth of items, you will receive FREE shipping!  The prices are amazing!  You can purchase finished bows for as low as $1.50 each.  You can purchase tutus for as low as $5 each.  You can put together a big lot of items for Christmas and get free shipping!  Any girl would love these!

    I have personally worked with the owner, Tammy for a long time.  Her work is amazing and she does not sell anything that is not high-quality.  You can expect to receive the best bows and tutus possible, I can promise you that!

    You can go go check out her items on her Facebook page.  Be sure to tell her Thrifty Ninja sent you!



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